September 30, 2006


My (awesome) friend Meredith is what we call an "enabler." Awhile ago, she casually mentioned one of her local yarn shops was going out of business and everything was on sale. And that I should probably take the commuter rail up to meet her there. That outing was a supreme success - I totally rounded out my DPN collection and got ten skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool for under $60.

But this weekend Meredith outdid herself. She had a friend that was looking to get rid of some yarn. Did I by chance want to help? Oh, and as long as I was in the area, did I want to swing by the cutest little yarn shop that just opened in Beverly Farms?

This is what the stash-busting jaunt got me. There's actually more but when you pile it all together, it's a little shocking.


And because the phrase "too much yarn to carry on the train" simply didn't occur to me, we went to Yarns in the Farms immediately afterwards. This is the outside of their shop. Go there immediately and give them lots and lots of money.


I could barely stand to leave. It's tiny and adorable and the owners are wonderful and they have the coolest sample projects and the most exquisite yarns. At one point I might have accidentally slipped and fallen and written a check for this:


I was so excited (and by excited I mean "high") from all the yarn that I only cursed a teeny tiny bit when my rebound project, the project that was meant to restore my mojo post-sock, wound up like this:


Yes, I'm out of the brown yarn, thanks for asking.

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