September 4, 2006

Incidentally, she's also a fine knitter

What to do, what to do?

Do I work on my sunshine yarns socks, the socks that are damn cute but sized for an eight year old?

Clearly, I still haven't learned that doing a gauge swatch is not just for pussies, but is also helpful for anyone that wants to knit a wearable item.

Or do I virtuously use up some stash yarn?

Or do I surrender to this yarn? The yarn I fondled every time I went to Windsor Button for months. The yarn I finally bought when I made the mistake of going to the yarn shop after having drinks with my boss (note to self - never ever do that, ever again).

But oh, this yarn... 600 shiny yards of a rayon/flax blend in the most gorgeous pinks and purples.

The question is, what to knit with it? And could any finished object possibly be as perfect as this yarn is, just sitting there?

Or maybe I should focus on accepting Christ as my personal saviour, as the young man "just doing a quick survey" in Coolidge Corner today suggested?

The poor kid's head almost fell off when I told him I couldn't really get behind the whole concept of sin.

Though I can totally get behind his cartoons...

Enjoy, sinners.

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