September 22, 2006

Oh, so that's what "karma" means

I had a whole moderately funny entry written about a mix-up this afternoon, with crackly phone lines, missed lunch plans, an inability to tell my friends apart on the phone and the hijinks that ensued.

But instead my computer decided to teach me an Important Lesson, with its insistent message that it was "unable to acquire an IP address," even though all the lights on my modem and router were brightly lit and/or blinking, as they should be. It still stubbornly refused to connect to anything, even when my wireless indicator said it was in fact "connected to the wireless network."

LIES. There was no connection to the wireless network. There was no blogger. There was no Simmons WebCT where I have to post two assignments over the weekend.

And how did I respond to this disaster? With hand-flapping, random poking and blank, terrified gaping, of course! I'm so, so sorry I made fun of people that were afraid of technology. Lesson learned.

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