February 24, 2009

Playground rules

If you emailed me in the past six weeks and are not a current or former employer, I have probably ignored it. Likewise with voicemail, your blog, Facebook and just about every other means of communication. Not because I don't appreciate hearing from you or like you or think you're funny or anything, but because I'm kind of overwhelmed. And, possibly, kind of a dick.

So rather than going back and emailing everyone "I'm sorry I've been such a dick," I'm issuing a blanket apology and declaring a do over. A fresh start. A clean slate. A surgically reconstructed hymen.

Whatever analogy works for you, that's what I'm declaring for myself. Except maybe the hymen thing, because, ew.

Moving right along!

Knitting has been slow, steady, and exclusively in purple and green.



First, baby hats for my friend Kim's soon-to-be daughter. Kim warrants two baby hats not just because her mom served brilliant wee mini meatball sandwiches at the baby shower. Though those were *awesome*. She got two hats because for some reason the idea of knitting booties was incredibly unappealing. And the first hat was kinda huge. So, two hats. Kid's Fruit Hat and Ruffled Baby Cap, around six month and newborn size respectively.

As usual, I didn't finish the actual knitting before the deadline, so Kim officially got just the eggplant hat at the baby shower. I did not decrease my meatball intake proportionately.

In other knitting, the oddly phallic first socks are completed and both second socks are stalled at the heel flap.


Because I have fallen completely out of love with both of them. Possibly because I've realized that hats require nothing more complicated than stockinette in the round on a circular needle. None of this DPN-using, purl-stitching, heel flapping nonsense.

Just blissful, blessed knit stitch after knit stitch after knit stitch.

Someone else I know needs another hat? Right?