September 8, 2010

How knitters say "I love you"

My darling BFF Quinn recently left California for a two year postdoc in Michigan. While I am enormously proud of her success, I haven't really processed her departure in any meaningful way except "Michigan cold. Make handknits."

In fact, so far mostly I just pretend she's on a really long vacation. Denial aside, I did manage to knit a few goodies to keep her warm.

First up, the Ribs and Ruffles Scarf. This is a clever pattern that includes no purling whatsoever and yet makes a reversible rib-like scarf that magically doesn't look like garter stitch. Whoa!


The end result? A fine, cozy and fucking gigantic scarf.


I haven't knit on such big needles in years. Another blogger once said knitting on huge needles felt like pantomiming knitting for someone with bad eyesight who was standing very far away (sorry, I can't remember who said it). And that's exactly what it felt like. Despite that, the pattern itself is rather hypnotic, and I quite like the end result. Sadly, I don't actually need a scarf this chunky in California, or I would knit it over and over again.

And the yarn? Barely plied, super soft Malabrigo in gorgeous blues and purples. I think we can all imagine how very delightful that was.

Specs: Malabrigo Rasta in the Abril colorway. Size 15 needles. Final length: a whopping 84 inches. Completed in three nights of knitting. Take that, hateful Irish Hiking Scarf.

Quinn is also the lucky recipient of the sparkly fairy princess socks. Now completed in all their twinkly glory.


Specs: Yarn, Berroco Sox Metallic, colorway 1357. Size 2 harmony wood DPNs. My standard sock recipe, 68 stitch cast-on with an eye-of-partridge heel. Girly, girly perfection.


Both the scarf and the socks were semi-gifted to, and heartily approved by, Quinn about a month ago. Meaning I showed them to her, let her pat them and try them on, then kept them for their final photo shoot. Because if it hasn't been blogged, it's like I never knit it at all.

In my usual fashion, I did finally delivered them to her. Two days before she moved, on the hottest day we had all year. Just the kind of day you want to receive a hefty pile of woolens.

So I hope you enjoy them, pumpkin, and that they keep you warm. Because that's how knitters say "I love you, man."