March 23, 2008

Why hike when you can slog?

With a sigh of relief, I present the Irish Slogging, er, Hiking Scarf.


Specs: 2 full skeins Berroco Ultra Alpaca, Size 8 Brittany needles, finished length 67 inches
The quibbles: I would have liked a longer scarf, but I used up both skeins and didn’t have room in the yarn budget to buy another. Also, given how long *this* scarf took me, longer probably isn’t the direction I should be moving in. If I ever knit another cabled scarf like this (please God no), I would probably go up a needle size too, as this bad boy is pretty densely knit. Not stiff exactly, just compact.

Lastly, the cast on and bind-off ends don’t match – one end is much frillier than the other. Any ideas why that happens? And what to do about it?


Quibbles aside, this makes a fine and cozy scarf.

Almost makes the slog worth it.


Macoco said...

I'm so glad that you finished the scarf! I can give no advice as to the cast on/bind off ends. I have the same problem and am always to lazy to go look up a different way to do it. ;)

Karen said...

Okay, why are you knit-picking your knitting?? It looks warm and cozy, and the ends look just fine. :)

Jenny said...

It's purty! I once knit a very, very similarly cabled scarf and decided about 4 inches into it that I would make it one of those super short ones with the hole in the middle, so I wouldn't have to continue with the ridiculous monotony.

I have no clue about the cast-on cast-off weirdness. See you tonight! Or Wednesday! Something like that!

Susanna said...

nice scarf! i am knitting a much simpler cable scarf- i'll have it with me tonight (if you're there)- i frogged it once already so i cast on tighter this time so that end looks ok (not GREAT)- we'll see how the bind off end comes out- i'm praying that my scarf is thin enough to only use one skein (am i dreaming??)