March 29, 2008

Dear Mom

I know you picked out this yarn when we were vacationing in Oregon together. I remember how we both admired the colors, standing in the back of Websters by their tremendous wall of sock yarn. And it certainly was pretty...

Panda Cotton2

And I know you particularly chose this yarn because it was not wool, and I realize that “not wool” is a very good thing for socks destined to live in Arizona.

I also know I promised you a pair of socks knit from this very yarn. For, well, last Christmas. And I appreciate how understanding you were when your wretch of a librarian-in-training daughter instead sent you a photograph of said yarn, with a note saying “IOU one pair of hand-knit socks.”

I know all of this.

But this yarn is hiding a dirty secret. After a few inches of knitting, you can see it.


Yup, it's pooling IN THE BALL. Unsurprisingly then, it also pooled when it was knit up...


I tried out a few different stitch patterns, seeing what the fabric would look like and whether anything would break up the pooling (I settled on plain stockinette, the bottom part of the sock).


What think you? Are the colors just as delightful when knit up into a sock? Or do they clash and seem too blotchy?

Would you perhaps prefer something a bit more muted? More solid? Perhaps a nice pair of lace socks knit up in a whisper-soft merino-silk blend?

As you can see, there’s no shortage of options…




My sock yarn stash is entirely at your disposal, should the pooly sock not suit you. And I guarantee you’ll have them in time for the very hottest part of summer.

Much love and many apologies,
Your tardy daughter


Macoco said...

You are so sweet. Have you ever tried to use two different balls of sock yarn for a pair of socks? Like using a complimentary solid and doing stripes? It might break up some of that crazy pooling.

Natalie said...

Mom always understands. I love my mom.

Jenny said...

You know, pooling doesn't bother me nearly as much as it bothers you and so many other knitters. Which makes me wonder if when I knit socks that pool a bit and I think they are fine, are other more experienced knitters internally recoiling at the sheer tackiness of my socks?

I have another question- why are sock blockers so ridiculously expensive?

Your mom rocks. I can already tell. And your sock yarn stash is sooooo pretty. I have that same colorway of Tofutsies! Oh, by the way, that is NOT a center pull ball. Yeah. I tangled that one up something fierce.

Karen said...

I think the pooling looks pretty. I bet your mom will too. :)

Quirkles said...

I think the socks look really good in stockinette. And you said your mom still loves the way they look, right? I'm sure your mom will be very happy.