March 20, 2008

The way life should be

Signs of spring are everywhere in Boston. Maine, on the other hand?


Still winter. In a C.S. Lewis’s White Witch, spring-will-never-come-as-long-as-my-frosty-heart-still-beats kind of way.

This is winter like I’ve never seen winter. I saw a body of water so solidly frozen that not only were people out on it ice-fishing, but they could safely drive their TRUCKS out onto the ice to get there. In mid-March.

Nevertheless, Maine is where I spent last weekend, having a fantastic time with friends.

And a friend’s dog.


Much fun was had, including stumbling into a wee yarn shop completely by accident (honest! We were shopping for souvenirs and oops - There it was! Yarn). I escaped with my credit card unscathed, though I almost convinced myself that I was fated to find that shop and who was I to deny fate.

We also saw the world’s largest snow woman.


Because I’m essentially a twelve-year-old boy at heart, the first question I asked when I heard about the snow woman was whether she had snowboobs. As you can see, the answer – sadly – is no. But you can still tell she’s a snow woman because she has eyelashes. Made out of skis.

The snow woman was built layer by layer, with volunteers shoveling and packing snow down into successively higher metal rings. As supporters of the communal snow woman effort, a lot of the local businesses have miniature snow woman displays out front.

And many of these snow women do have snowboobs, so I really think the snow woman engineers missed an opportunity there.

As if *that* wasn’t enough excitement, I also found the world’s best souvenir t-shirt.


Because everyone knows Drinking + Weaponry = Big Fun.

I even had time to finish up a little something…



Karen said...

No snow, no snow women, no snow boobs. I am so done with winter - bring on spring. I do love the scarf though. Okay, I'll stand for a bit more cold weather (sigh, and snow) so you can wear the beautiful scarf. :)

Sarah said...

Is that the completed Irish Hiking Scarf? It is so pretty. I am so glad you got it finished up and had a chance to wear it this year.

Kelley said...

Maine is pretty much the only way you can get me to actually enjoy winter. It even got you almost considering skiing! I hope we do it again soon :)

Macoco said...

Whoot for finishing the scarf! I hope you're wearing it today because it is freakishly windy/cold out there.

Quirkles said...

The scarf is sooo beautiful! I love it! And of course the dog. How could you not love a black lab? I really think you need one.

Jenny said...

Beautiful scarf!!! Yay!

I love that the arms of the snow woman are trees! So cool!

Yeah, spring will NEVER come and we are destined to be cold and sniffly forever. Kinda makes me want to go dye something with chips of wood bark...