April 15, 2008

I'm so behind that...

...I've had this post written for ages and haven't posted it...but, through the magic of replacing "last weekend" with "a few weeks ago", I can still tell you about my recent(ish) dyeing adventure.

The Bitchin Stitcher and I had the pleasure of attending a hand-dyeing workshop a few weeks ago, run by the super-talented Lucy of Minds-Eye Yarns.

Lucy’s merino-tencel blend hand-dyed sock yarn comes in the most extraordinary colors, so we were eager to learn from the master. Not only is Lucy a dyeing genius, she’s exceptionally charming and funny. It’s an irresistible combination.

Under her tutelage, I dyed up a skein of laceweight merino and two superwash DK-weight skeins. All Knitpicks.

Barbie's Dream Lace

I dyed this4

In Like a Lion

I dyed this2

Twilight Time

I dyed this3

I’ve mostly done immersion dyeing with Kool-aid and food coloring, but these were handpainted. Little squirt bottles are key here. They allow you to direct the dye onto a small portion of the yarn. Or they would, if I could aim, instead of shooting dye across the table and nowhere near my own yarn. Thankfully, every surface was covered with a layer of plastic and newspaper. This seemed excessive at first, but turned out to be entirely necessary, given my aim.

I tried to use very small blobs of each color, hoping to avoid my nemesis, pooling. We’ll see.

And speaking of pooling, you all were right. My mom was totally down with the socks. Bonus – she preferred the fabric knit up in the Charade pattern (pdf), so I finally have a chance to knit it. Really fun, addictively easy pattern.


As for my newly dyed laceweight, I’ve never used laceweight before and yet in the past month I’ve acquired FOUR monster skeins of the stuff. All in pink/purple colorways.

I smell shawls in my future. Lots and lots of pink shawls.

So does anyone have a shawl pattern they’ve particularly enjoyed?

I’m thinking of either the Swallowtail or the Flower Basket Shawl from Interweave, or Laminaria from the new Knitty.



Jenny said...

I love the Laminaria, I'd go with that, though the other two are equally gorgeous, so, I think you'll be fine.

Your dyed yarn is beautiful. Lucy is amazingly fun to hang out with (well, I took one lesson from her once), and thanks for the link to her blog.

I can't wait for Gore Place!

Man, we need to get drinks soon. I feel like I haven't seen all y'all in 4-eva.

Macoco said...

I second Jenny's comment for some DRINKS. But that is my general state of mind so I take little persuasion.

I love the barbie yarn, so pretty. And the charade sock is rocking. I think that's my favorite sock pattern so far.

I would have to poke you in the eye if you made swallowtail because it is my shawl nemesis! I so want to make it, but fail miserably after 5 rows. Maybe we can do a knit-along? Or maybe I'll just poke you in the eye. Kiri is also a fabulous pattern and pretty easy - I've actually made it through a few repeats of that one. ;)

Sarah said...

Ladies, no poking. I swear do I need to separate you too? I really like the Twilight yarn, it's all dark and moody. Apparently, I like yarn with issues.

Natalie said...

Ooooo! Twilight Time is divine! Congrats! :)

Rebecca said...

love those yarns you dyed! i'm sure that was great fun. i've never made a shawl. i keep meaning to. i tried to make one, but i didn't understand the cast on. somehow you begin in the middle of the back? it was beyond me. but if i'd had help, no doubt i could have figured it out. i love that new laminaria pattern in knitty. make that one!

Quirkles said...

Drinks, yes! Laminaria, yes!