April 21, 2008

Friends don't let friends drink and knit

Or even knit near drinking. My friend Kelley and I had precisely one beer each Saturday afternoon, and yet...

I somehow got the hem edge of my Callisto shawl looped onto the needle, as if it was a working stitch. In the middle of a 300+ stitch row. Easily rectified with some cursing of triangular shawl construction and slipping 150 stitches to get back to the bone-headed mistake. But still.

And, almost simultaneously, Kelley did this to her heel flap...providing an excellent opportunity to teach her how to reverse a purl stitch to a knit stitch, sans crochet hook. Also, a pleasant opportunity to point at each other's crap knitting and laugh.

Truly, not our finest knitting day.

I've been one of the knitters lobbying to relocate our weekly SNB to a bar, but I may have to seriously rethink that stance.

After all, I'm entirely capable of screwing up my knitting stone sober under good lighting. So why risk it?


Karen said...

Yeah, I bet I totally would have made a bone-head knitting mistake after one beer too. I shutter to think what could happen after two!! I think a coffee shop is a better place to knit . . . . maybe the caffeine will speed up the knitting!!

Macoco said...

You did that while drinking the king of beers? I feel so let down by beer now!

Kelley said...

This just motivates me to up my beer to knitting tolerance.... and teaches me not to point and laugh until I have checked my own knitting :)

Elaine said...

Palabra. But friends shouldn't even let me knit sober!!!.... LIT, my lady, please send an email to your ol' pal Elaine in Pittsburgh. No tengo your current address. Que lastima.

Jenny said...

Oh, that Callisto mistake is truly funny. I've SO done shit like that and it sucks. Also, after the Great Frogging Disaster of 2007, anything is funny, right? You just go ahead and look on the bright side of that penny.

So, um, why were you drinking and knitting without me? I think this is precisely what my life is missing right now. (more) Alcohol and (more) knitting. And, I mean, did that combination NOT automatically make you think of me? So... like... what's up? Did you lose my number? Jeez.

;)~ (heehee, just kidding. See you tomorrow!)