September 24, 2006

Get yer knits out!

After all that worrying about teaching knitting, the KnitOut was great fun. Given Boston's demographics, it was awfully heartening to teach the basics of knitting to a six-year-old Chinese girl, a middle-aged African American woman, girls in their teens or early twenties and a mom with her toddler. I see the fiber love knows no demographic boundaries. Even the toddler seemed to be feeling the lure of fiber, despite his mother's gentle attempts to convince him that tandem knitting with a two-year-old really wasn't working out.

On my side, the technology continues teaching me the Important Karmic Lesson: Though shalt not mock the technical abilities of others. I was all set to blog the event, with charming photos of knitters of all ages and shapes and descriptions. Then I discovered I forgot to charge my camera's battery. I managed just the one shot of mystery knitters at work before the thing died completely. But look! Knitters! In public!

Also, there was swag: a violently green skein of Classic Elite fun fur, a subtle khaki-and-olive ribbon tape yarn from Cedifra Algarve (?), and a wee hank of Malabrigos cotton (which will be perfect for my friend that wants to knit but is tragically allergic to wool), not to mention a fistful of discount coupons. Because what I need is incentive to buy more yarn.

I even found what might be my first sweater project: the Portland Sweater (scroll down a bit to see) showcased by the fine folks at Webs. The sweater is about ten thousand times cuter in person and knits up in a cute, cheapie yarn.

The weather even held until late afternoon, despite a particularly violent gust of wind that snapped a good-sized tree branch and nearly took out a table of knitters.

Knitting, sunshine, swag, and spreading the love of fiber? What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

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