September 3, 2006

Less than four hours, my ass

The leg warmers proceed. I knit, I purl. I repeat. I feel like the Last Minute Knitted Gifts people have overestimated my knitting speed rather drastically. Or at least my ability to multitask, what with the extended version of Dune on TV, and Sting oiled up in some sort of pointy patent leather g-string thing, and the portentous Brian Eno theme music and all.

I know I'm not the world's fastest knitter and obviously I'm easily distracted, but less than four hours to knit two 26" legwarmers? Please.

And do excuse the lack of even my usual minimal photo styling. It's rainy, it's dark, my flash is crap, and I'm fairly sure that legwarmers might only look good on toothpick-thin girls.*

* I know there are some people that think legwarmers don't even look good on toothpick-thin girls, but those people are very, very wrong.

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