October 1, 2006

Knitting math

Finding more brown yarn
+ procrastination
= a finished hat!

This hat has been languishing in my Unfinished Object basket since last spring. I actually finished it (the first time) in March, then ripped out the top third after re-reading the part of the pattern that said, in all caps:


I believe I decided the pattern was "not the boss of me" and decreased every row instead. This turned out badly and I was irritated, so the hat remained unfinished. Until now.....

I keep sneaking into the bathroom to admire it while it's blocking. Now I know it's nothing particularly spectacular, but I do so love a finished object. Finishing makes me feel like the kind of knitter that doesn't just sluttishly start project after project, abandoning them as soon as they have a problem. The kind of knitter that won't be seduced by any soft, gorgeously colored yarn that saunters by.

The kind of knitter, in short, that finishes what she started.

Maybe I'll pick up something else from the UFO basket today.

Maybe I'll virtuously finish EVERY SINGLE F-ING THING IN THE DAMN BASKET....

Or maybe I'm still high from all that yarn I bought yesterday.

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