October 4, 2006


I'm so completely in love with this new yarn. And not just because it has the cutest label I've ever seen (happy sheep! knitting!)...


No, I also love it because it's so pants-crappingly beautiful.


[Updated November 10, 2006 to replace the photo I deleted from my Flickr account]

My photo in no way does it justice. In real life, this yarn is the most wonderful combination of green-blue glass and smoky silver and stormy seas, with forest floors and old moss and bursts of Martha Stewart blue and apple green thrown in. I get excited every time I pick it up, just to see what color might come up next.

It's so beautiful that I think I achieved knitting nirvana. I twisted the stitches - not once, but TWICE - while joining for the first round in the hat. And I absolutely didn't care. I really thought "Yay, more knitting!" as I ripped it out. And every time I come across a gigantic hunk of organic matter (twig? hoof? poop? nail clippings?) mashed inside the yarn, I calmly pluck it out and keep knitting.

In fact, I give full credit to this yarn for the cute Australian that started chatting me up on the T yesterday while I was knitting with it. When I told the boyfriend all about it, he responded with withering (yet strangely sexy) sarcasm, "Yeah, I'm sure he was really interested in your knitting."

This is the boyfriend that texted me today that he was watching TV in my apartment but would also "guard yarn in case of intruders." I do love him.

In library news, my class visited the Thomas Crane library in Quincy yesterday, and I feel ever so much better about everything. The library was beautiful and lively and light-filled, not to mention well-funded. They have up-to-date technology everywhere and real live birds in the children's room and the center of their library is a three-story atrium with a cafe and performance space. It's the kind of place where the patrons complain that the staff is too loud and that they lack librarian-ish decorum.

It reminded me that there absolutely are libraries I would be thrilled to work in. Thank f-ing God.

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