October 3, 2006

Too many crayons

My boss has twin boys that just started kindergarten. When she was back-to-school shopping, she mentioned that the kindergarten gave very specific instructions regarding the number of crayons to purchase. Something like 12 or 18, not the monster-size box (with 68 crayons and an awesome built-in crayon sharpener) I remember so fondly from my elementary school days.

Apparently, if young children have too many crayons, it takes them forever to decide which crayon to use. Hear that - too many colors equals paralyzing indecision.

Ah, you may say, "but you're not a five year old."

Or "you're a grown-up, you should totally be able to cope with having lots of yarn."

But oh how wrong you would be. No. Idea. What. To. Knit. Next.

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