October 21, 2006


Still working on the second sock. I haven't been posting progress pictures because progress is slow and if you've seen the first sock the second sock is kind of boring.

Unless you're me and you're knitting the second sock from a second skein and it turns out COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THAN THE FIRST SOCK.


Risa asked earlier what yarn I was using (go ahead and click, you should congratulate her on the cutie socktoberfest sock anyway- I'll wait). I'm using the ever-popular Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, in Girly Stripe, which I've mostly been enjoying.

Until now. The two skeins are absolutely, positively from the same dye lot. But the color runs are a bit longer in the second skein and the purple is much darker, making the second sock look less stripey and more splotchy.

Does this always happen with Lorna's? Or did I get lucky? More experienced knitters, please advise.

In the meantime, I'm working very hard to consider this mismatched sock thing charming.

I'm just struggling with the part where I bought self-striping yarn specifically to avoid splotchy socks. But I know pretending to love the second sock isn't working very well.

How do I know?

Because I'm committing yarn adultery...


And I didn't just lust in my heart. I poked and fondled my stash. I browsed patterns. I flirted with fingerless gloves. And I wound up yarn for two different projects. I'm so ashamed.

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