October 29, 2006

With a yee and a haw

I present the finished Socktoberfest socks.

Sock 1 started September 14, finished October 14.
Sock 2 started October 18, finished October 28.


Next time I think I'll try contrasting colors for the cuff, heel and toe. I could probably get a few more inches of leg, as I've still got plenty of yarn left over. If I used contrasting colors, I might even be able to get something close to a knee-high. Though I'm not sure I've got the fortitude for that much plain knitting.

I'm also still working out the proper stitch count for my skinny legs and big feet. 76 stitches came out too big at the ankle, even with 8 stitches decreased. And then 68 stitches came out too narrow at the arch. They fit, but it's a strain in some spots.


But none of that really matters when you've got girly striped socks and shiny red shoes like these.



1 comment:

Risa said...

Your socks are beautiful, and I love your shoes too!
I finally finished my Jaywalkers - just in time for the end of "Socktober"...