September 19, 2007

We've all been there

Today's post brought to you by my friend Kelley and her baby sweater. In an emailed second sleeve update, she said:

I cast on, started to knit and realized I messed up the cast on and have a weird double stitch going on - yank.

I cast on, looked at the beginning, didn't like how it looked, pulled. Put aside.

Watched me some House, chatted with family and friends.

Picked up sweater, admired how cute it was and how great it'll look when I am done.

Picked up knitting, tried to reason with it and tell it the destiny I have planned for it. Knitting apparently is not fond of baby vomit and somehow I end up knitting 2 rows that look like a retarded elephant tried to knit.

I yank out, reball, throw ball of yarn, decide I HATE knitting and yarn hates me and there is nothing fun about knitting and it is a stupid hobby and this yarn wants to be a ball forever.

Watch TV with arms crossed in pout mode. Tune into Red Sox just in time to see us ROYALLY blow it. Flip out about Red Sox, decide I hate them. Realize I don't have enough anger in my heart to hate two things at the same time.

Pick up knitting, cast on, knit away, admiring how perfect it looks. Boyfriend gets home.

Total knitting - 8 - 10 rows. Total time - about 3.5 hours. End result - I love knitting, it soothes me.

Clearly, she is one of us.


Sarah said...

She is definitely a true knitter now! Next thing you know she'll be drinking and trying to take pictures of her feet!

Deb said...

Oh, familiar...except for the Red Sox. Knitting, drinking and chocolate. Are they all soothing, or are the latter two just there to sooth away the frustration caused by our soothing hobby. I don't know, but it's a killer combination.

Kristy said...

Awesome :)