September 6, 2007

All that

Over the long weekend, I spent a lovely afternoon lounging and picnicking beside Jamaica Pond with Megan (of the dainty feet). We had a prime spot pond-side. So prime in fact that an elderly couple walking by announced to us that "It looks like you've got all that and a piece of heaven, too."


Beyond the sailboats and ducks and strolling couples, there were dogs. Lots and lots of dogs. Now I don't have a dog, but I really, really want one. So it was kind of like having a dog by proxy, without having to carry their poop around awkwardly in a plastic bag. Now that's my idea of heaven.

Fully getting into the relaxed spirit of the afternoon, Megan even let her hair down. After acknowledging my compliments on its length and loveliness...


...she gave me a stern look over the top of her glasses and said "You just like it because it reminds you of wool." So if you see me knitting something in a variegated golden mystery fiber, just know that I wrestled Megan to the ground and sheared her for fiber.

She's short. I could totally take her.

Though I know now that she was actually hinting none-too-subtly that I should really be knitting. I didn't bring my knitting with me, figuring it would be rude to knit when I was hanging out with a non-knitter. Silly me. As we were packing up to leave, Megan pointed out that she had brought her sketchbook, and had been wondering all afternoon when I was going to start knitting already so she could get some drawing done.

Lesson learned: assume you should be knitting at all times unless you are specifically told otherwise.

As for my actual knitting, I'm on Double Secret Gift Knitting Patrol, so no pictures for a bit.

And in case you have a birthday in, let's say, the next two days, and happen to be in a position to reasonably expect a knitted gift from me, it's possible I'm running a bit late. Apologies in advance for the delay.


Kristy said...

I always have some sort of knitting with me, because you never know. I'm glad your friend understands your obsession.

Anonymous said...

well, in case someone has a birthday, say, today, she might be expecting a pair of socks knitted from Megan's hair IMMEDIATLY.