September 21, 2007

This goal thing really works



A real live finished object!


Project Specs

Yarn: Austermann Step, contest booty from the Craft Pirate

Needles: Lantern Moon rosewood DPNs, size 2

Pattern: generic sock with garter stitch heel flap(72 stitch cast on)

Model: TB himself, who informed me that I was required to actually put the socks on him prior to taking pictures, because if he was going to model, he was going to be a diva about it, right as we were taking the Extra Super Manly shot


Notes: This was my first time using Austermann Step, and I really can't say enough good things about it. Smooth, soft on the hands (it does have aloe and jojoba after all) and non-randomly self-striping (making it entirely possible to knit a perfectly matched pair with minimal fiddling). The red bits did appear to have a magical pooling ability that defied all logic, in that it pooled slightly at 72 stitches for the leg, 84+ stitches at the gusset, and all the way through the toe decreases down to 16 stitches.

I'm pretty sure this is impossible and will not happen to you, as the laws of physics would surely prevent it. So I suggest you run out and buy yourself some as soon as possible.


Kristy said...

Yay! Socks that fit TB! And I love that super manly shot :)

Suzanne said...

Ab fab, and *very* manly.

Quinn said...

I love that TB has succumbed no only to the knitting obsession but to the related compulsion to take elaborately staged pictures of socks and feet. Why would anyone stand in the grass in brand new knitted socks? Who cares, when it looks so pretty!

Karen said...

Love your manly diva model shots!! And I agree, that yarn is so heavenly to work with, and I love to wear it too. Soft feet at the end of the day!!

Jenny said...

I love that yarn so much I kind of want to pee a little. Those socks look ridiculously oresome!!!!! FOOJ! (that's the sound of those socks looking ridiculously oresome.)

Macoco said...

The socks look fabulous!!!! That man is such a diva!