August 26, 2007

MDT (most dominant turkey)

I had to fall back on picking a random winner, as you all are just too funny to pick the funniest comment. Very scientifically, I asked TB for a number between 1 and 22, and he chose lucky number 13.

Thus, the winner is...(Blog-Free?) Sherry! Those are some cutie-patootie yellow Monkeys on that Flickr page, by the way (scroll down a bit to see). You can really see the pattern details in that happy yellow yarn. Not that I'm jealous or immediately went pawing through my stash for somewhat solid yarn or anything.

Thanks everyone for playing! I tried to respond to as many of you directly as I could, but I don't always get an email address from Blogger. If I didn't respond, just know that I read and thoroughly enjoyed your comments. And I've got a whole bunch of new blogs to check out, which is a huge bonus!

In other knitting, my friend Kelley (recipient of My Pretties) is starting her first baby sweater. I concocted a pattern mostly based on the Placket-Neck Pullover (sans placket) from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. It will look kind of like this. Nice straightforward bottom-up raglan action.


Kelley's newly inducted into the cult a fairly new knitter, so she didn't have sufficient stash on hand for this project. Clearly, a trip to A Good Yarn was in order.

Equally clearly, she is a woman with good taste in yarn. Witness the Araucania Pomaire she picked out.


I predict wonderful things of her. Cuz this yarn is about 400 times prettier in person. To the point where I kept asking her if I could knit "just one row" on her sweater to see how the colors were lining up. Those few rows convinced me that all the yarn I currently have is crap. According to the Yarn Harlot, this is one of yarn's first tricks, but I fall for it every time.

I was particularly impressed that Kelley wanted to ball up her new yarn at the bar immediately afterwards.


Our very Irish twenty-something waitress brogued "You've got a whole cottage industry set up here. I feel like I should get a loom and join you." Then she pointed out that the balling up process would work much more smoothly if we used two chairs to hold the skein open. Smart lady.

Finally, in a labor of love not unlike the labors of mighty Hercules (though with less shoveling of poo), I finished TB's first sock. While I'm charmed by the way the heel and toe striping matched up, I'm still somewhat amazed at the sheer enormity of man feet.


And yes, I did make him try it on again in the 95+ degree, ungodly humid heat on Saturday.

Because sometimes love means "trying on a partially knit sock for the twentieth time even though it's well over a hundred degrees out according to the heat index."


Siercia said...

For some reason, the red stripe across the heel of that sock is reminding me of sock monkey lips.

I loved all the turkey dominance stories!

Macoco said...

I think Siercia is right - that heel is trying to speak to us!

That cotton yearn is soooooo pretty. So very, very pretty.....

Quinn said...

It's true. Macho men try on wool socks **no matter how warm it is outside.**

Jenny said...

Yeah, at first I was all bummed that bf Ken was like "I don't need socks- don't knit me any," thinking "Dammit, Ken! Don't you LOVE ME?!? LOVE ME, WANT MY SOCKS!!!" However, I'm currently muddling through a pair for roommate Nathan, whose size 10 feet are making me think I will NEVER EVER FINISH. It makes me realize that knitting socks for size 15 Ken would probably take until next year. So, uh, well, yeah blessing in disguise.

Um, and when will you realize that the yarn you're knitting your Monkeys in is PERFECT?!? The color variations really show off the pattern! The stripes curve up and down when they are supposed to and it looks fabulous.

See you soon!

Anne said...

I just found your blog today and wish I could have entered your turkey contest. We had a wild turkey fly into our screened in porch the other day. It careened around until we were finally able to herd it out the door. I'm sure observers would have laughed themselves sick watching it!