February 24, 2007

Wicked pretty

In an impressive act of knittbloggerly subterfuge, My Pretties have been gifted to their intended recipient, my friend Kelley. She's living in a chilly first-floor apartment with hardwood floors. Clearly, a woman in need of happy wool socks.

But she's also a reader of the blog and I wanted the socks to be a surprise, so no mention of the master plan could be made. Next, I had to show her the Pretty-in-Progress to gauge her reaction to the colors. Finally, instead of measuring her feet, I had to sneakily get her to try on shoes so I could guesstimate their size and shape.

I knew she liked the yarn, and I knew her ankles were thin and her feet about the same size as mine, just a tidge smaller and pointier. So I made the socks narrower and about 1/2 an inch shorter than I would have made them for me. This worked out perfectly. And, as you can see, My Pretties nicely compliment her favorite sneakers.

In other knitting, I finished the first Sunshine Yarns Jaywalker. I haven't grafted the toe yet because I want the recipient to try it on first. My dainty-footed friend Megan is officially my favorite person to knit socks for. Her feet are so tiny, it's like knitting for a doll. You barely finish the gussets and you're practically done with the foot.


It seems I might also have bought some yarn to start Wicked. My first sweater! So exciting. Fancy yarn was not in my budget, so trusty Lambs Pride will have to do.


I had a terrible time getting true color in the pictures. In real life, the yarn is a delicious bright green, with a few hairs of darker green swirled throughout.

Now all I need is the pattern...


Kristy said...

Great job on the socks! That looks like a great color for Wicked. Are you doing the long or short sleeved version?

Kelley said...

You have NO idea how much your pretties are loved! My feet are both toasty and adorable now. Best. Prezzie. EVER.