February 16, 2007

Oh frabjous day!*

Marge passed! And like any sensible woman, she headed out last week to celebrate in Vegas. It's not quite pony rides and glitter, but it's damn close. And well-deserved. I'm so unbelievably proud of her.

Myself, I'm happily housebound today. There's a six-inch coating of filthy ice on every outdoor surface, and I dearly love wearing happy pants and watching other people hacking away at their sidewalks and driveways from the cozy comfort of my apartment. Last I checked, the MIT guys across the street had resorted to boiling water and pickaxes. Seriously.

I would think a bunch of science geniuses could come up with a better plan, possibly involving warping the space-time continuum so their sidewalk always exists in a pre-nor'easter loop, but perhaps I'm giving them too much credit. I, at least, am thoroughly enjoying the perks of apartment living, where no shoveling is ever necessary.

Besides, I've had some serious DVR backlog to work through.

I've thoroughly enjoyed most of the episodes I've watched and learned a number of nifty tricks. Like doing a knit-on, purl-on cast-on in pattern so that your cast-on matches your item's ribbing. Genius! And that Vicki Howell has some fine, fine hair.

But most importantly, watching hours of Knitty Gritty gave me a chance to finish My Pretties. Nice, no?


Plus, I wove in ends, washed and blocked the Experimental Socks. As proof that there is at least one knitting goddess (we call her 'Gauge', and she is a fickle, sneaky bitch) the fuckers roughly doubled in width during their first wearing.


Still cozy and cute, but now they're more like slouchy anklets. Clearly, Gauge requires obeisance in the form of knitting the gauge swatch IN PATTERN AND BLOCKING IT. Not doing either is really asking for it.

Since both pairs are done, I'm down to one sock on the needles and no real works-in-progress. What on earth will I knit next? Fortunately (or unfortunately, if I think about it from a yarn budget perspective), fellow awesome movie-lover Deb was musing on her next project and posted a link to this sweater. How cute would that be in a nice tweedy brown?

I think I may have found my first sweater. Thanks, Deb!

* Post title in honor of Risa, for posting Lewis Carrol's Jaberwocky and for finishing such a lovely sweater. I've never seen Sundara Yarn in real life, but I'm starting to have those naughty feelings for it. I bet you will too - Check out the closeups here.


Risa said...

Thanks for the tribute :)!! I love the sweater you're planning.

Kristy said...

Owning several skeins myself, I can say that Sundara yarn is verrry nice. The colors are beautiful!

I like your possible sweater idea. It looks like it would be a fun knit!

Deb said...

I'm so happy you're thinking of making Wicked. Okay, that sounded sorta'...wrong...but the pattern's great.