February 10, 2007

A humble offering


To the knitting gods. May they be less stern and vengeful than Marge anticipates.


I haven't blocked them yet, so disaster may still strike...


Marge said...

So pretty! Nice job : )

Marge said...

The gods will be pleased! It is a fine and orangey offering.

Do the knitting gods demand ritual sacrifice? Instead of slitting the throat of a goat, can you just unravel a really pretty sweater to placate them?

Is knitting monotheistic or polytheistic? Are there many gods for different fabrics (oh bless me god of wool! Have mercy goddess of chenille!) or just one Big Kahuna? Or it is a mish-mash voodoo thing? And if so, can you knit me a voodoo doll? Instead of sticking plain old pins in it we can stab it with knitting needles!

Also, can you tell that I'm sick of QE prep? And that I've been reading to much Durkheim? Sooo much Durkheim

Deb said...

They look great! I really like the stitch pattern.

Risa said...

Those are so awesome! Love the color. Thanks for your comments on my sweater :) I tried to email you, but got a nasty fatal error message. Oh well, comments do ok too.