August 19, 2007

Seasonal bounty

I generally consider myself a city girl, but I do love a local farm. And a farm that's having a corn and tomato festival on a beautiful, breezy summer day? I couldn't be happier.

This is what we saw when we first walked into Allandale Farm:


They're even prettier in close-up, and for $5 we could eat as much fresh-picked, grilled corn and as many tomatoes as we wanted. I took the "as much as you can eat" statement seriously.


And there was plenty of other summery veggie goodness.


I've always thought vegetables were way more picturesque than their showy, obvious cousins, the fruits and flowers. But I suppose flowers are pretty, too...


All appearances to the contrary, I am not actually with child. The pregnant look notwithstanding, I think a tractor looks damn good on me.


TB obviously agreed, because he sneakily got me this t-shirt while I was picking out tomatoes. I'm so inordinately pleased with it that I've been reduced to giggling and saying "I have a t-shirt with a tractor on it."

And why did he get me the t-shirt (other than being such a cute and thoughtful guy)? Because it's my blogiversary next week. Or rather, my un-blogiversary, the date of my first knitting post, the first time I decided to really do this blog thing.

So stay tuned for the un-blogiversary goodie giveaway!


Quinn said...

nice tomatoes!

Kristy said...

It looks delicious! We've been getting some great tomatoes and other veggies from our CSA.

I *love* the tractor T-Shirt! It's really cute :)

Rebecca said...

it's not every day you see a photo of a woman posed next to a tractor! and your t-shirt, too? it looks sweet. happy upcoming blogiversary!

Deb said...

Love the pics, and the tractor t-shirt is just too much fun. Looks like a beautiful day.

Macoco said...

Nice tractor! Wait, is your hair curly? I'm not sure I've ever seen it down before. You're rocking it with that tractor!