August 17, 2007

At the close

I've heard a lot of people wondering what they'll do post-Potter, as they now have NO EPIC SERIES FANTASIES TO READ.

I like teen fantasy novels better than almost anything else in the world, so these are my suggestions (though you've probably read most of them)…

The Classics:

Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising series, the Grey King being my very favorite and perfectly good as a stand-alone. Plus, they’re making a movie out of the first book and you really ought to read the book beforehand so you can smugly point out that "the book was soooo much better."

Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain Chronicles

Ursula LeGuin’s Earthsea series - don’t be put off by the crappy miniseries they made a few years ago, the books are gorgeous. I’m particularly fond of these because I had a book-on-record of The Tombs of Atuan when I was a kid and used to listen to it every night before I went to bed. I realize this means I was a dark and strange child, but I’m comfortable with that.

Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time.


The Abhorsen trilogy, by Garth Nix: evil spirits, flesh-hungry ghouls, kick-ass ladies, and a talking dog. What more could you want? Bonus - the heroine of the second novel is a librarian.

Robin McKinley’s Beauty

Ann McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series

Anything Tamora Pierce ever wrote, though my favorites are the original Lioness books, starting with Alanna: the First Adventure, in which a girl pretends to be a boy so she can be a knight, and much ass-whooping, sorcerous shenanigans and romantic entanglements ensue.

Annette Curtis Klause’s Blood and Chocolate: yes, the book is much better than the movie.

Diane Duane’s Deep Wizardry

Darren Shan’s Demonata : seriously gruesome, but a damn good read, from an author much-beloved by teenage boys.

Non-YA Novels

While these are technically “grown-up” books, and I don’t normally hold with that sort of thing, I can still recommend the David Eddings Belgariad and Mallorean as funny, epic and, while not hugely original, still highly entertaining. Also, Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Mists of Avalon (a feminist retelling of the King Arthur legend), and Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten (an excellent and original revision of werewolf mythology, plus, it’s got plenty of smutty bits).

So what are you reading post-Potter?

Any recommendations?


Kristy said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I loved the The Dark Is Rising series, and I read everything my Madeline L'Engle as a kid, so I'll have to check out the others.

I'm currently reading Alice in Wonderland. Somehow I've never read it before.

I recommend anything by Guy Gavriel Kay. He's one of my favorite authors. And Orson Scott Card's Ender books are also quite good.

Deb said...

Thanks for all the interesting recommendations. A Wrinkle in Time is one of my favorites too.

I'm a big fan of Phillip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy, and I'm really hoping they don't muck up the movie.

Macoco said...

The Dragon Riders of Pern books were my favorite. Actually - Dave, who you met at the Cummington fair gave me the first book for my 13th birthday.

I hate to admit this - but I've read most of the Robert Jordan, Wheel of Time books. ;) Also read most of the L.Ron Hubbard dec-ology. Weird stuff.

francois said...

The Tombs of Atuan before bed? That is freakier than most fantasy books.

I'm planning on going back to the Dark is Rising series, but there is no way it can all be as good as I remember. Which makes me wonder whether it is better to leave it alone and try something new.

Sus said...

I never miss an opportunity to blow the horn for my favorite series of books -- The Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. Totally addictive. Love them!

Becka said...

THE DARK IS RISING! I read those when I was, like, 13, just thought of them the other day (8 years later), and now desperately need to find them again.