August 13, 2007

The loophole

I'm kind of afraid the yarn diet was part of my blogging mojo problem. Before, even when I had no knitting progress to show off, I could at least post some pretty pictures of new yarn. One month + into the yarn diet, I still have no new yarn. This should fill me with a sense of pride in my self-restraint and fiscal responsibility, but mostly it makes me kind of cranky.

At knitting group a few weeks ago, the Daft Crafter, her devious hands full of a lovely shawl knit up in a particularly gorgeous, envy-inspiring Noro, suggested that perhaps if the yarn diet were making me unhappy I shouldn’t be doing it. Because it’s not as if I’d be hurting anyone by buying yarn. Then she reminded me of just how much I like tweed.

DC – you are an evil temptress, and I am officially immune to your vixenish wiles. No. New. Yarn.

However, the yarn diet makes absolutely no mention of dyeing your existing yarn. Which pretty much feels like getting entirely new yarn. So thank God the knitting group ladies and I gathered at the Craft Pirate's apartment for an evening of dyeing last week.

This is what I made...


I call him El Diablo. His resemblance to the flames of hell is much more remarkable in person.

It's possible I also did another one on my own two days later...


I call him Non-Superwash Wool Really Will Felt if You Shock It with Drastic Temperature Changes, Jackass. I'm hoping the yarn is still knittable, because I was very excited to have a semi-solid in my stash, particularly in such a festive color.

As for actual knitting, it's been all stockinette sock all the time.


You can't tell in this picture, but this sock is f-ing gigantic. Having proven that he can't be trusted to try on handknits on his own, TB gave it its first supervised try-on earlier this week. And I'm proud to say that f-ing gigantic is exactly the right size.



Karen said...

Okay, the name of the second yarn made me laugh out loud!!! Hee hee hee, I could see myself dying a "jackass" skein too. :) Looks like dying existing yarn is the perfect loophole - this was a great yarn p*rn post!!

Kristy said...

What an interesting colorway for the green yarn! How did you come up with it?

I'm glad the sock fits this time! Are you going to do the second one right away?

Macoco said...

Both skeins looks absolutely beautiful! What flavor did you use for the green one? It's soooo yummy looking.