September 19, 2008

A teachable moment

So last night for my Collection Development class we did a “walkabout” through the Simmons library. The idea is that you can pick up a general sense of materials usage, patron activity, and impending facilities problems by wandering through your collection. Which was kind of a neat practical exercise and a whole lot more fun than sitting in a lecture.

But you know what makes that kind of exercise even better? When your professor totally supports your master plan to test out the compact shelving’s infrared sensors by attempting to squash one of your classmates between the moving shelves. Sweet!

Turns out, you really can’t close the shelves when someone is standing in the aisle. Barring infrared sensor malfunction or possession by some evil force intent on crushing the life from all in its path (it could happen! And if it does I will be the only one who is not surprised – and I will be PREPARED! Also I should maybe watch fewer movies about demon possession).

I guess I can finally cross “irrational fear of compact shelving” off my list of reasons not to become a librarian when I finish my degree.

Maybe next week’s class will include an awesome learning opportunity that will help me get over “actively disliking the public” and “a deep and abiding love for the f word.”


Jodi said...

Awesome! I second your suggestions for next week's lessons -- I could use those myself.

Rebecca said...

simmons must have that fancy compact shelving because i know at my library it IS possible to get squished between the shelving.

Siercia said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one with an irrational fear of compact shelving.

Lisa M said...

The library I worked in had compact shelving that you had to crank yourself. We occasionally surprised one another, but no one ever got crushed. I'm sure that this was due to the fact that it's pretty hard to work up any kind speed when hand cranking something that weighs a ton. Now the motorized microfiche storage thingie on the other hand, *that* had serious potential for personal injury.

Anne said...

We definitely didn't do anything fun like that in my library classes. I could use your suggestions for next week's class. Especially right now with the annoying children and the stupid beeping elevator.