September 15, 2008

And drinking beer will cure all infectious disease

I came across this quote in my Knowledge Management (KM) textbook this weekend:

There is a definite correlation between KM and economic growth, as evidenced by a significant contrast in the social and economic indicators between the developed and developing countries...An analysis of these developed and developing countries...reveals a significant difference in the KM factors that have contributed to the considerable disparities not only in wealth, but also in education, population, GNP per capita, adult literacy rate, infant mortality, health services and other indicators of poverty and prosperity.

Um, yeah. The real problem with global hunger, poverty, illiteracy and inequality is inadequate Knowledge Management.

Now, I’m as guilty as the next librarian-in-training of having self-aggrandizing visions of what the information professions can accomplish. Information is power, and public libraries (for example) are uniquely positioned to help everyone, not just the privileged and the well-educated, gain access to the power of information. I like to think of it as sticking it to the Man, one book at a time.

But to claim that Knowledge Management principles have already "resulted in economic benefits and healthy competition in every sector and all aspects of human life?" Seriously?

So in the spirit of making unfounded and ridiculous pronouncements regarding the potential impact of our daily activities, I would like to announce that through knitting I will soon become RULER OF THE KNOWN UNIVERSE.

Obeisance to your Supreme Ruler may be made in the form of yarn.

Let the fawning begin.


Kristy said...

Aw, man. I got all excited because I think I'm getting sick and I have beer in the fridge. I guess I should have been investing in KM instead.

babyjenks said...

do i have to start groveling right away? or can i wait until you're crown arrives in the mail...

Rebecca said...

yes, i think that you can accomplish more toward eradication of poverty and starvation through knitting than through KM!

Sarah said...

If you become ruler of the wholeuniverse can you still let me be benevolent dictator of Sarahland? I'll draw up a treaty. And if beer cured infectious diseases I think they would have to relocate the CDC to Fraternity Row.

Quinn said...

Oh Supreme Ruler, I have no yarn to give. But I will happily sacrifice a bottle of cheap wine in your honor.