September 23, 2008

It's not lurking least not according to Knowledge Management jargon.

In KM, lurking is called "legitimate peripheral participation." Which kind of begs the question: exactly what would constitute "illegitimate" peripheral participation?

In any case, my classes this semester are taking up a lot of valuable knitting and blogging time, and the work/school schedule looks pretty brutal through the end of October.

So if it seems like I'm not posting as frequently or not commenting over the next few weeks, just remember, I'm still participating in the knitblog community.

Just, you know, peripherally.


Rebecca said...

wow. i'm learning so much from your KM class. KM has come a long way since i was in library school. keep it comin, though i will miss your lovely knitting content.

Jenny said...

I'm sorry you're so flat out, but taking classes is so much fun I'm also happy for you. :) There's nothing better than fall and school and all that. Well, okay there are definitely things that are better, but it's a pretty cool one.