July 11, 2008


Like most women, I keep a stash of feminine products in the office. They’re in an unassuming IKEA box on the bottom shelf of a crowded bookcase.

So a few minutes ago my (male) boss walked into my cubicle, said “Nice hatbox. What’s in here?” and just opened it (while I was mentally screaming "NOOOOOOOO").

He got this completely appalled look on his face, said “Oh – I see” in a very small voice, carefully shut it and backed far, far away.

I’m going to go die now. But I bet you a million billion dollars he won’t be poking around in anyone else's office stuff. Ever. Again.


Siercia said...

Oh no.

That would make me want to sink through the floor in embarrassment. If it's any consolation, I bet he's even MORE embarrassed.

Karen said...

Bwahahahahaha . . . . too funny!!!! That will teach him to go poking around through other people's stuff!!!

Quirkles said...

That is awesome. I wish I had seen it happen. He must have turned green! I'm sorry it was embarrassing for you but wasn't it worth it to see his face?

Jenny said...




Rebecca said...

i hope he learned a valuable lesson about invading the privacy of his workers. bad bad boss.

Olga said...

just to echo what everyone else said...serves him right!