July 8, 2008

Leagues, both major and minor

I went to a baseball game last night.

This will surprise just about everyone who knows me, since I consider baseball unwatchably boring. Happily, knitting does radically increase my tolerance for watching sports. And since it was a Stitch ‘n Pitch, the event did combine four out of my five very favorite things: Drinking beer, eating greasy food from carts, smoking in publicly owned facilities (yay minor league ball parks!) and knitting.

Incidentally, when I told one of my fellow knitters that I was doing almost all of my favorite things, she leaned over to me and, with brilliantly dry delivery, said “I'm not sure what your other favorite thing is, but no matter how nicely you ask, I will not have sex with you.” Awesome. I do love my dirty-minded knitting ladies.

And it really was a blast being surrounded by my people, including the aforementioned mind-firmly-in-the-gutter friend Sarah, and the always-awesome Quirkles ...


Needles and yarn everywhere you looked! Socks on circs! Socks on DPNs! An entire section full of random people that really cared about the difference between metal, wood and bamboo. At a baseball game. It was especially charming to be sitting in a ballpark and knowing someone within shouting distance would be able to provide almost everything I needed to finish a sock – such as scissors and a darning needle, and a reminder of how to do the kitchener stitch (which I somehow COMPLETELY FORGOT HOW TO DO while sitting there – I blame the heat. Also, possibly, the beer).


Our local minor league team, the Lowell Spinners, got their asses resoundingly kicked, but I had rather more success. Despite the kitchener stitch memory lapse, I finished a sock…


Plus, there were some major league knitting celebrities, handing out buttons and stickers and being their charming selves. I didn’t want to be all intrusive with the picture-taking.

So I Kinneared them, Yarn Harlot style. Because there's nothing weird or stalkerish about that.


And I did score some of their Ravelry goodies (including a much-coveted-by-me “Where my stitches at?” pin). I always thought of myself as someone who would be calm in these situations, but I believe I received my pin and stutttered something along the lines of "SWEET! I mean, thank you, er, so much. And, um, thank you for, uh, Ravelry." Suave!

Now that’s my idea of a night at the ballpark.

Next up! I continue to drown in greens, but now I at least kind of know what to do with them, thanks to the fabulous advice from all of you....


Sarah said...

I still won't have sex with you but I will go to another ball game with you in a second! Glad you had fun.

Karen said...

OH. HOW. FUN. And so glad you didn't get rained on like we did at our SnP. Although it was very hot and humid last night, huh?

Ssooooo, what is your that missing item on your top 5 favorite things list? Did Sarah get it right? And if so, I'm sure you could've found many takers in the stadium who would be happy to complete your list. :)

Kelley said...

There is nothing more satisfying than a successful Kinnear, I am so proud! :) Much better than the failed attempt I had with eye-patch-zoot-suit guy and Richard Cheese.....

Siercia said...

Oh, that sounds like fun. I wish I could find the time to do cool fun outings like that!

Jenny said...

Yeah, I think I would probably stutter like an idiot if I saw Jess and Casey IN. REAL. LIFE.

The whole thing sounded like so much fun and I can't wait to be a part of it next year! I was bummed to miss it this year, but that's just how it goes sometimes.

I remember reading Writing Down the Bones for a Women's Spirituality course in college. Best class that ever was, by the way.