July 16, 2008


I’ve mentioned the epic awesomeness of my best friend Quinn on a number of occasions. She’s everything you could ever want in a best friend, and more - kind, brilliant, thoughtful and hilarious. Plus, she genuinely appreciates the knitting in a way that’s really rare for a non-knitter.

Given her many exceptional qualities, it takes an exceptionally great guy to meet the good-enough-to-date-my-BFF standard.

Luckily, she has just such a guy. He’s good and kind and makes her laugh. They’ve made a really lovely life together over the last several years. And this past weekend, they made it all official: my darling BFF eloped with this wonderful guy and got herself married.

He’s everything I could want for her, and I know they’ll be brilliantly happy together.

So, congratulations again, pumpkin!

You did good. Really, really good.


Kelley said...

Congrats Quinn! I can't imagine a man good enough to have gotten a spectacular lady like yourself. :) I look forward to getting to meet him soon! Hope the honeymoon is lots of fun and you spend plenty of time, umm, off your feet.....

Jenny said...

Quinn, I don't know you at all, but if you're Ariel's best friend you've got to be pretty damn awesome. Congratulations, and I like your style! :)

Karen said...

Hurray!!! I love fairy tales with happy endings. :) The princess should always end up with her prince. Congrats to them both!

Quinn said...

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. And especially to Ariel for being the best BFF a gal could ever have, and for spending a million or so hours on the phone with me talking about me, and about me and him, and about him, and what it all means. If I didn't have you to straighten me out, who knows what bonkers decisions I would have made over the years. Behind every happy marriage there must be a crackerjack best friend with a huge phone bill. That's you, kiddo.