December 29, 2006

Yet more gifts

My birthday is in mid-December. Combined with Christmas and, for the first time, a December anniversary to celebrate, the gifty goodness just keeps rolling at Casa Librarian-in-Training.

This is what my wonderful, ridiculously thoughtful boyfriend got me for our one-year anniversary:

His reasoning was that I’m always willing to buy myself yarn but I don’t ever seem to buy myself needles. So he got me one in every size from 3 to 10.5. I now have the needles to knit just about any damn thing I want.

And what needles they are. Birch needles seem to be the perfect compromise between slippy and grippy. And, compared to the infuriatingly dull Clover bamboos I usually favor, their points are ever-so-perfectly pointy. It’s so much easier doing complicated stitches with these bad boys.

So to do the gift justice, I’ve cast on for a quick baby cardigan. The pattern is Bamboo Baby, shown on the front cover in pink with white daisy-shaped buttons. It seems ingeniously simple thus far, knit on the diagonal, with yarn-over increases forming the triangle shaped fronts and doubling as button holes, but we'll see as I get into the shaping and seaming, etc.

I am one seriously lucky knitter.

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