December 26, 2006

Crisis averted

Or not so much averted as never really a crisis in the first place. In my own little Christmas miracle, I had more than enough KnitPicks yarn to finish this.


Handsome, isn't he?


The funny thing is, the heel flap and gussets are a mess, and I'm pretty sure my four-row repeats vary from three to five rows. And I absolutely do not care.

This was my first attempt at a patterned sock of my own design. I know what I did just isn't all that complicated - find a stitch pattern you like, cast on in a multiple of four, then knit your standard sock recipe in that chosen stitch pattern, etc.

And I also know other knitters are both more skilled and hugely more prolific, but I'm still so damn proud of myself.

So I keep looking at the sock and grinning. Not just because I made it. But because I designed it.

I'll still cast on today for its mate, but now that I've finished the first experimental sock, I'm officially allowed to start my next knit. I wasn't really sure what the next knit would be, but now I'm damn sure it's gonna be a baby knit.

Why am I so sure? Because of Christmas dinner. Last night, the boyfriend and I went to Christmas dinner at his family friends, Eleni and Michael's house. I'd never met Eleni, let alone her parents, so I was taken completely by surprise (and charmed to no end) when Eleni's parents gave me this:


Turns out, Eleni and Michael, in addition to being smart and funny and cooking a mean Christmas dinner, are both occasional knitters (and he is apparently a much better knitter than she is). Plus, they just made themselves a damn cute six-week old baby.

And this is one lucky baby, what with a mother, father and paternal grandmother that all knit, and maternal grandparents spreading the fiber love with ultra-soft cotton yarn and cute baby knit books.

The boyfriend's sister is also due in about six months, and she and Eleni are thrilled to be having babies so close together. So I'm thinking two hats, one white with green trim and one green with white trim, for the two friends' babies.

Hope everyone had equally wonderful and equally knitty holidays.

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