December 29, 2006

Procrastination at its finest

So I have a 200 page system specification to revise for Tuesday.

This entails the reading of 100 pages - 100 single-spaced pages - of meeting minutes and six months of emails sent between an eight-member project team and an entire Indian outsourcing firm prior to updating said specification because NO ONE UPDATED THE SPEC IN ALL THAT TIME AND IT WAS UTTER CRAP TO BEGIN WITH. Not that I'm bitter. And not that I left doing this huge amount of work until the very last minute.

So what am I doing tonight? I'm drinking wine (insert mandatory shout-out here to new guy coworker that gifted me with said wine, clearly not realizing we don't actually do "holidays" or "gifts" on my team) and reading Fricknits at stalkerish levels.

Holy crap! How could I have missed this blog? How could I find it right when I have all this work to do?

Cruel, cruel gods of the blogosphere to present me with such delights at a time like this.

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