December 10, 2006

My best friend is better than yours

I got this early birthday present in the mail yesterday, from my best friend Sarah out in California.

She took all my Flickr knitting photos and made them into a calendar! It has all our friend's birthdays marked on it, as well as the anniversary of my first blog post and adorable entries like "Wear green socks for St. Patrick's Day."

The best part? She's not even a knitter, and the October page is boldly headlined "Are you ready for Socktoberfest?" Her awesomeness can barely be described in words.

I'm sure your best friend is wonderful in many ways. But clearly I have the best-est of all possible best friends.

1 comment:

Deborah said...

That is an absolutely awesome, not to mention thoughtful gift! Yeah...I'll admit it...I'm jealous! :)