October 31, 2007

It's not a stash - it's a backup plan

In case the dead rise from the grave with a ravening hunger for human flesh today, you might want to check your odds of surviving.

Me? I’m shit out of luck.


Though if I was forced to barricade myself in my apartment to avoid the teeming masses of the undead, all that stash yarn would look less like hoarding and more like good contingency planning.

In fact, if I ever own a yarn shop, that will be my slogan: Buy today. Because tomorrow the zombies may come.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


Suzanne said...

And everyone knows that zombies run on wool, making it that much more compelling to stash. I hear that silk actually repels the undead.

Quinn said...

37% chance of survival, mostly because I've fired a gun and am willing to abandon my loved ones and/or shoot them in the head if need be.

Kristy said...

Phew, thank goodness I got some yarn today, just in time for Halloween. If I'm trapped in my house for the next year, I'll still be set, yarn-wise.

Macoco said...

Damn I only have a 30% chance - if only I had more canned goods on hand.

Karen said...

Don't worry, I only have a 15% chance of surviving. I think I'd better go order more yarn now!!

Happy Halloween.

Sarah said...

Woo hoo! 35% chance of survival. But that may be because I consider my chef's knife a machete.