May 6, 2007

They say virtue is its own reward

...but cute-ass baby knits aren't half-bad either.


I spent a few hours on Saturday watching bad TV, not knitting, and glaring resentfully at my unfinished projects. Then I read all your comments and remembered I don't have to knit anything I don't want to knit.

Somehow that was enough, and I immediately cast on for the requisite hat-and-booties set for The Boyfriend's new nephew.

Fruit-and-vegetable hat pattern from Ann Norling. Tahki Cotton Classic from the stash, 64 stitches, size 6 needles. No modifications. Be-Ribboned Bootie* from One-Skein Wonders, same yarn, size 5 needles, modified to knit 24 rows on the leg instead of 27 and to replace the ribbon with an i-cord drawstring, with knitted leaves at the ends. Pure fun from start to finish.

Thanks, ladies, for reminding me that knitting is something we do because we want to, not because we have to!

* And yes, I do realize booties traditionally come in pairs, but I've got some important laundry to do. Tonight's goal: lower the Laundry Alert Level from Critical (Crazy Lady with No Underpants) to Moderate (slightly disheveled college student).


Deb said...

Those are adorable! So glad the must-do went back to a want-to.

Elinor said...

Eh, clean underwear is overrated... (kidding) Your baby goodies look great! I'm sure that second bootie will get knitted eventually too!

Sarah said...

Cute stuff! And that shade of green won't look half bad covered in babypuke. Nice choice.

Risa said...

Sorry I missed the last post, but am so glad others stepped in to discourage knitters' guilt. The little hat is precious, and I can't wait to see your blue socks!

Kristy said...

So does this mean you're joining the Single Sock Liberation Movement? :)

Knit what you want! It's not like we *need* to knit to stay clothed.

Macoco said...

Hope your undies are all clean! heehee never though I'd write that as a comment. Love the hat and booties. I need to get to work on some baby gifts myself.