May 18, 2007

So much for my best intentions

I was in Brookline Village for an appointment this morning, directly across the street from A Good Yarn. Entirely coincidentally, I swear. Also, in yet another freak coincidence, they just happen to be in the middle of an end-of-season sale right now.

I went into A Good Yarn because I needed a set of size 2 DPNs. I have a theory (amply supported by common sense and the advice of experienced sock knitters) that my ongoing sock gauge issues might be helped by size 2 needles, of which I only have one set. That set is busily producing The Boyfriend's socks.


Anyway, in the Land of Denial of which I am a resident, we believe things like "I'm only here to buy needles." So I visited A Good Yarn's sock yarn wall. Pretty, but nothing I couldn't live without. I patted their Felted Tweed. Also pretty, but I've got some of my own.

And then I saw the sale bins. A stronger woman would have averted her eyes and gone straight for the DPNs. But as some may recall, I unexpectedly developed a tweed fetish thanks to Vintage Knits. So what did I do when faced with sacks and sacks of steeply discounted tweed yarn?

I bet you can guess without reading another word....


Meet Jamieson's Soft Shetland, in the "grape heather" colorway, purchased at almost 50% off. As you can see, from a distance, it's a perfectly nice slightly variegated pinky-purple, but up close it's ever so much more beautiful.


More heavy wool, just in time for spring! Excellent planning on my part!

In more seasonally appropriate knitting, I joined Sockapalooza a few weeks ago.

My sock pal seems to like pink, so this may be just the time to try out Lucy's merino-tencel sock yarn (fruit salad colorway) which has been patiently biding its time in the stash.


Now for a pattern...


Risa said...

You've been tagged for a meme! Check out my blog for all the rules. No pressure :)

Kristy said...

Oh, dear. I'm tagging you too :) It seems that this thing has reached critical mass.

Very pretty yarn! I'm glad you gave in :) Now to get through that first sweater....

Macoco said...

Beautiful yarn! It will take all my willpower not to go over and buy more yarn. Must save for the MA S&W!