March 6, 2007

This is how things are going, take two

My laundry continues to teach me important lessons. Unfortunately, I’m a slow learner, so it’s pretty much the same lesson it tried to teach me last time. That laundry is one persistent little fucker.

So anway, I was trying to multi-task last night, doing laundry and tidying up my kitchen. The laundry did get done, and the kitchen did get tidied, but while I was making myself dinner, I also noticed that I’d stashed the laundry detergent in the fridge in my hurry to tidy everything up.

When you chop wood, chop wood. And when I do laundry, by God, one of these days I will learn to give it my full attention.

Then today, after an 90 minute-long 6:45 a.m. conference call, I found myself milliseconds away from hitting send on this email.

See if you can spot the problem...

Dear XXX,

Please approve the following access request:

Blah blah, boring technical details, blah blah, more details, blah blah blah.

Warm retards,

Yup. Warm retards. I’m pretty sure the director of training for all our European offices wouldn’t have found that nearly as funny as I did.

The knitting is going rather better than either the work or the housekeeping, if somewhat more slowly. I finished swatching for Wicked (I even did it in the round, as it will be knit in the round), then virtuously washed and blocked my swatch. If I ever get out of the office today, I get to go home and measure my (washed-and-blocked) swatch to see if I’m getting gauge.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that I swatched in the round, then washed AND blocked my swatch? The Goddess of Gauge cannot fault me on this one. If I have a gauge disaster, it's all on her.

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Kristy said...

HAHA! That's great. Warm retards :) I got an e-mail once (I'm so glad I wasn't the one who sent it) apologizing for canceling a class, and any incontinence it might have caused.

I hope the Goddess of Gauge smiles warmly at you :)