March 27, 2007

The Koolaid tastes like wool

There's been a lot of interesting discussion recently about why people blog, what comments mean to people, etc., starting (I think) with a series of posts over at A Cunning Plan. Many people wrote about finding and building community via their blog and how comments are an integral part of that.

I thought about the pure glee with which I greet every single comment and promptly resolved to be a better, more frequent commenter.

In this, I have been a spectacular failure recently. I feel especially bad about it because of all the thoughtful, funny comments I've been getting.

I particularly enjoyed hearing people's thoughts on place, and the meaning of home. I liked Kristy's idea that there's a place you always know you'll end up eventually (for me that place is independently wealthy and surrounded by beautiful yarn, but San Francisco is a good choice too). I knew Marge felt homesick for New York City her entire life, even though she had never lived there(incidentally, all through college, Marge claimed she couldn't imagine living on the West Coast, and I am endlessly smug that such a hard-core East Coaster has managed to find happiness and a sense of belonging on the Other Coast. It happens so rarely that I need to gloat for a moment -I was right and Marge was wrong. Score one for my side of the country). I even heard from Jennie over at Twin-Knits, whose blog I've been admiring so much. So cool.

I also chatted with two knitters on the subway yesterday. One very French and very elegant knitter informed me that my sock was very good, but it really should be Red. After she left, another knitter sat down next to me, we talked sweaters for a while, and she turned me on to Debbie Macomber who wrote A Good Yarn and other fine, knitting-related novels.

All this on a subway system where good manners dictate that you do not speak to anyone else, ever, unless you are loudly demanding that they get out of your way or apologizing for whacking into them. If other knitters can break the no-talking-to-strangers-on-the-subway rule, I sure as hell can do a better job of participating in the knitblog community.

Despite slacking off in the blog department, I've been knitting studiously. It's not done, but a major component of Wicked has been completed.


More details tomorrow...


rfx1982 said...

I have this terrible habit of lurking on site's without leaving comments. It makes me so happy whenever someone leaves a comment on by blog, yet I rarely leave one on theirs.
Your wicked looks like it will be beutiful. I love the pattern.

Kristy said...

Yes, pure glee is a good way to describe it :)

I'm excited to see Wicked-- and find out what those other yarns in the picture are!

Marge said...

You were right. I was wrong. I humbly accept all I-told-you-sos and nanny-nanny-boo-boos.

Marge said...

Okay, I just now got "the koolaid tastes like wool" line. Heh heh.