March 3, 2007

Good times at a good yarn

My local yarn shop is about a half hour away by foot, and today couldn't have been a better day for the walk. The weather says it's in the mid-40s but my handy outdoor thermometer is hovering around 60. Either way, it's a welcome break from the rain, sleet and ice we've been having around here.

I had two goals for the yarn shop jaunt: one, get a &$^#ing size 9 needle to start swatching Wicked and two, to see if by chance they had any more Sunshine Yarns in Daffodil, or even a solid yarn of similar gauge in a complementary color. I'm desperately afraid I'm going to run out of yarn mid-way through the second Sunshine Yarns Jaywalker. When I asked the nice lady at the counter (who bore a suspicious resemblance to this blogger) about it, she reassured me that she's always had a ton left over when using that yarn. Given the number of socks she seems to knit, this was considerably reassuring.

I exercised impressive restraint while I was there, given A Good Yarn's sock yarn selection. I only bought needles. Though it's possible I also bought two size 2 circulars to finally try out knitting socks on two circs, in addition to the size 9 for Wicked. I've been ogling the Leaf and Tendril socks in Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles, and I believe their time has almost come.

Then as I was leaving, I had another knitblogger-in-real-life sighting. Of all the people in the entire world to assure me that I had sufficient quantities of Sunshine Yarns, she would be the one.

So did I say anything? Even 'hi, love your yarn'? No. Why? Because I'm a gigantic pussy.

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Kristy said...

I know what you mean... I get all tongue tied when I run into bloggers. It's strange to switch from the electronic medium to real life.