January 7, 2007

Where art imitates life, literally

The boyfriend is taking an improv class and apparently one of tonight's assignments was to do an impression of someone he knew coming home from work.

He chose me (aaawww), and this is his impression of my typical evening at home:

- Open door
- Complain about work
- Open beer
- Start knitting
- Take phone call from boyfriend. Inform boyfriend I am knitting. And that I can't go out with him because it's ladies' night.
- End phone call. Go back to knitting.
- Go to computer. Start typing.
- Take another call from boyfriend. Inform boyfriend that no, I'm not knitting. Now I'm blogging about knitting.

Sigh. It's only funny 'cause it's true.

He also mentioned one of the women in his class is a newbie knitter (we're everywhere), and that she was impressed that I can make socks and, as he described it, "really gigantic baby cardigans." Then he redeemed himself by recommending my blog (yay boyfriend!).

So Mystery Improv Class Knitter, if you're out there and if you're really starting to knit gloves, you can absolutely, positively, most definitely knit socks. I promise.

And seriously, if I can knit socks, anyone can.

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