January 6, 2007

Giving the WIPS a whuppin'

First, thanks for the nice New Year's wishes! I can't wait to see what you all are working on and writing about in the New Year.

Now, as promised, the WIP round-up...

WIP 1 - Lonely socks without friends.


From bottom: the Sunshine Yarns Jaywalker, stalled due to fears of yarn shortage and the unavoidable truth that the damn thing is too small for me. The Experimental sock - currently suffering from Single Sock Syndrome. And the Koolaid yarn, desperately wanting to be a sock instead of a gauge swatch, but not allowed to fulfill its potential due to arbitrary rule that two different socks-in-progress is enough.

WIP 2 - We Call Them Pirates hat.


Destined for the frog pile, as it really should be knit with a much finer yarn and I need the needles.

WIP 3 - Bamboo Baby cardigan from One Skein Wonders.


Also destined for the frog pile. I decided that I would adjust the pattern to increase it from newborn-size to three month-old size. This seemed like a good idea despite the fact that I 1) know nothing about babies and their sizes; 2) am terrible at math and 3) have no grasp of spacial relations and had no idea how the pattern I was knitting would turn into a cardigan front, so wasn't really sure where I should fudge the measurements.

I finished the front, but it's on the misshapen side. I'll reknit it with a better idea of how and where to fudge. And I'll make it smaller. Right now, despite my lack of experience with babies, the fact that the boyfriend has started referring to it as "the brontosaurus cardigan" means it's probably not baby size.

WIP 4 - Double Secret Gift Knitting.

No pictures, some progress. The pattern is proving to be both challenging and sneaky. But the recipient is worth it.

WIPs not pictured - simple 2 x 2 rib scarf in a gorgeous wine-colored wool/mohair blend from Mountain Yarns. I thought the sexiness of the yarn would compensate for my loathing of knitting 2 x 2 ribbing. Turns out, not so much. Its sexiness resists all attempts at photographing, as the mohair creates a bizarre glowing white halo effect that obscures its true lusciousness. Also, there's a barely-started fruit hat. Both destined for frogging.

That's a lot of WIPs. And unfortunately, some of the stash yarn has been agitating for attention...


Far from being sobered by the number of WIPS, since I'm planning on frogging most of them (except the socks), I feel completely justified in starting something new.

But what might the new knit be...?? Which of these lovely yarns will be the lucky winner?

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