January 20, 2007

My pretty

On an entire week-long trip, I knit half an inch of ribbing. Since I got back, I've knit this:


Plain stockinette stitch in the round seems to be exactly what my travel-addled brain can handle. But the subtle self-striping and fabulous colors make potentially boring knitting into something thrilling. I can't wait to see what the next color will look like, so I've been knitting at a (for me) furious pace.

The Meilenweit MegaBoots Stretch yarn has an interesting construction: it looks like two different-colored threads are plied around a core of an elasticy synthetic. The variegation is achieved by slowly changing the color of one of the threads over a long length. And the elastic gives the yarn an extra bit of stretch.

You can see the construction pretty well here.


The glee with which I've attacked this new sock got me thinking. Some may remember my arbitrary two-different-socks-at-a-time maximum rule. Clearly, I've abandoned that rule. And I kind of felt bad about that.

But then I think: I was so excited about this yarn that I just spent half an hour on my back porch taking pictures in frigid wintry conditions, completely unself-consciously wearing bright turquoise fleece snowman pyjamas and a peacoat. So really, if something gives me this much joy, why wouldn't I work on it instead of a project I really should finish or ought to work on?

I'm doing this for fun. I'm not even knitting gifts, so all of these rules and strange feelings of guilt for not finishing projects are entirely self-imposed.

So no more self-imposed guilt. I knit because I love to knit. I knit because I love the feeling of wool and the many wonderful colors it comes in. And I'm knitting this sock because life is too short for projects that don't make you forget you have neighbors that might think it odd to be taking pictures of yarn in your pyjamas.

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Deb said...

So well put, and so very much what I've been feeling lately. I tend to be obsessive about finishing, then lose the love for a project because it feels like I have to do it. Why apply rules to something done for fun?