November 30, 2007

Speaking of DPNs

I need new ones because I split the effing tip off one Lantern Moon DPN and another tip is starting to chip off.

Has this happened to anyone else? I’ve never split a tip on any other kind of wood or bamboo needles. Nor have I been particularly abusive of this set. It’s gotta be the needles, right?

I really love the look and feel of the Lantern Moon needles (rich red/brown wood, the perfect grip/slip ratio, decent points), but they’re ridiculously expensive if you can only knit three pairs of socks before the needles disintegrate.

Any recommendations for a less expensive, but still smooth and decently-pointy replacement? I find Clover bamboos just aren’t pointy enough for lace knitting. And my vise-like knitting grip means metal needles hurt my hands.

What do you like to use??


rfx1982 said...

I wasn't crazy about metal dpn's when I started using them, either, because of how badly they made my hands hurt. Now, I think I prefer them. My hands got used to them, so they no longer hurt. Not only to they not warp/break, my dog can't eat them.
Lantern Moon may have a replacement policy, which would help off-set the price issue.

Jodi said...

I like KA/Unicorn bamboo needles, and I'm also a big fan of Pony Pearls. Good luck with the dpn hunt!

Kristy said...

My Lantern Moons have broken or bad points too. I've smoothed out the bad points with a nail file and they do OK now :)

I usually use metal DPNs, and manage to even warp those! But I would suggest trying the Knit Picks Harmonys. I have their circular set, and they're very nice and pointy!

jennysbelly said...

Lantern Moon will replace the needles. I snapped one, and they replaced it without even asking me how it happened, although it did take a while to get a response.

That being said, I think the new Knitpicks Harmony are very similar feeling (if not as pretty) and much cheaper -- and they come in sets of 6 in case something does happen!

Jenny said...

I love love love the Crystal Palace bamboo needles. I only know of one place in NH that sells them, and they also have an online store: and the woman who owns the company is VERY wonderful and her husband has an AWESOME Scottish accent. Oh yeahhh...

I bought one pair for sock knitting and that's all I've ever used. ...Until, that is, I bought another pair so I could knit SEVENTEEN DAMN PAIRS OF SOCKS AT ONCE. They've never split, broken, chipped, and I've even sat on them with my volumpetuous bohmpah a couple times to no damage at all. The dpns are on/around page 4 of the link I gave you.

Good luck! :)

Andrea said...

Most of mine are Clover needles, and anything below a size 2 ends up curved after the first project. At least I've never had a problem with them breaking or splitting!