November 13, 2007

Easy entertainment

I know I’ve been rhapsodizing over the lace sock knitting recently, but I’ve got something else on my mind and on my needles too…


Cables. Twisty, easy to knit, yet complicated-looking cables.


This Irish Hiking Scarf pattern is pretty much mindless except for the cable row, and yet it’s such a thrill every single time the stitches CROSS OVER EACH OTHER.

I know I’m easily amused, but does anyone else get such a big kick out of basic cables? Like turning a heel – it’s a series of simple steps, but I feel like a genius every time.

While I usually thoroughly enjoy knitting, the Fancy Silk Sock and this scarf are something special. Even when I’m not actively knitting them, I feel happier knowing that I will be knitting them sometime soon. They’re both such good knits, in such beautiful yarns, that I’m smiling right now, just thinking about them. Now that’s some powerfully enjoyable knitting there.

My poor stockinette sock in Austermann step just can’t compete. Though I’m considering ripping out the heel and turning the sock into a legwarmer, for a little variety. I think the promise of blue-striped legwarmers might get this back into the queue.

And since I’m in the middle of so many projects, now seems like The Perfect Time to start another project. [In my defense, I wasn’t actively looking for another sock pattern, but a knitterly coworker sent me a link to the Forest Canopy Shawl and I happened to notice an intriguing sock pattern in the sidebar.]

Check out the Lombard Street socks.

Do you see what I see?

Lace AND cables, baby. Sah-weet!


Suzanne said...

I get that cable crossing thrill every single time! As Woody Allen said, "Even my worst one was right on the money."

Siercia said...

I love cables too!

And those Lombard Street socks are really cool.

Karen said...

Yup, I love cables and heels too. I love how simple they actually are, but how impressed everyone is when they see them. Tee hee!!

Olga said...

Oh, you are a woman obsessed! Those Lombard socks really are cool. I've been wanting to knit that Irish Hiking Scarf for ages, but here in Austin, well...not much need for thick cables. :-(

Sarah said...

Cables are very satisfying and non-knitters are amazed by them. Don't forget to sanitize your cable needle!

Macoco said...

Yes cables are a joy! I just started a pair of cabled socks and love them - it is a thrill. And what happened to your cable needle....?

Quinnn said...

So pretty!

Jenny said...

OOOH! I totally want to do the Lombard Street socks, too! And I love that forest canopy shawl. I am so with you on the beginning several projects and finishing none right now. Currently I have second sock syndrome, second glove syndrome, second half of first wrist warmer sydnrome, second half of second piece of vest syndrome and finishing that damn shawl syndrome.

Hey, would you mind bringing Favorite Socks to our next meeting? I want to take another look through it before I officially add it to my letter to Santa. Thanks!