November 19, 2006

Too late

I am a weak-willed woman.

It was the knitty Kool-Aid dying tutorial that did me in. Such cool colors. I see something in mandarina tangerina-orange variegated in my near future.

Which is good because clearly I don't have enough orange yarn (all three completely different yarns purchased separately for completely different purposes - possibly need a shock collar that zaps me in the presence of orange yarn):


Then there was Kristy's suggestion that I check out the Affiknitty tutorial, wherein Laura says she expected dying your own yarn to be like giving yourself an at-home brazilian (messy, painful) and discovered it was nothing of the kind. Seriously, I'm a sucker for comparing knitting to pubic maintenance.

So Knit Picks natural undyed merino is on its way to my house. And not just one skein. Like I said, the will is weak and I really want some variegated orange sock yarn.

I'll make sure to meticulously document the dying process. I have a very white kitchen in a very stodgy rental apartment, so even if you aren't interested in dying your own yarn, I can almost promise an entertaining disaster in the near future.

Thanks, ladies!

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Risa said...

Oh my, I'm almost more excited to see the documentation of the process than to see the result! I've been wanting to try dying and spinning for a while, but haven't gotten up the nerve. Good luck!!