November 17, 2006


The Easy Mitten pattern is easy, as promised. I'm knitting the size large, on size 6 needles with the nicest skein of Malabrigo. It's fitting nicely, and I'm more than a little smitten with its pinky-orange goodness.

I haven't used Malabrigo in a while and I'd forgotten what a joy it is to work with. And when I say "forgotten" I mean "willfully blotted from my consciousness so as not to spend rent money on yarn".


So soft, such amazing colors. I keep petting the mitten and holding it up in different lights to see all its different colors. And I DON'T WEAR MITTENS. I smoke (only outside the house, away from the yarn), which means mittens are completely useless to me. That's how much I dig this yarn.

And after so much fingering weight yarn for socks, I feel like I'm blazing through this bad boy. Only 36 stitches in a row! And five rows per inch! Progress is fast and gratification nearly instant.

The way gratification should be.

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